It's week two and you are still at home...

Ever since your Egyptian adventure you've been itching to return to the wardrobe and see what happens next. Your parents have gone out to do some emergency shopping and left you to look after yourself. The last thing they said before they left was "Behave yourself"

Surely, another trip to the attic can't cause that much mischief can it? You head back up and enter the same code as you did last time, that's funny, it doesn't work. You take a look back at the door and, weirdly, it seems to have changed.

Hint 1

The letters may help to work out the order

Hint 2

The colour order needs to be the same as the padlock

Hint 3

The colour order is Green, Yellow, Blue, Red

Hint 4

There is a message that will tell you what to do with each number

Hint 5

Green is 5 not 6, Yellow is 6 not 7


The code is 5638