It's week three and you are itching to find your next adventure.......

Your pirate adventure seems so long ago and you've held off returning to the wardrobe to see what happens next. Your parents have gone out to do the weekly essential shopping and left you to look after yourself.


With them gone for a couple of hours, surely you've got time to head back up to the attic haven't you? There's no time to lose, you better head up there quick!





Great! The code has changed again! Better take a closer look and try and work out the 4 digit code you need to unlock the wardrobe.

Hint 1

Does any part of it look like a sum?

Hint 2

You need 4 single digits so you might have to take something away

Hint 3

What does it see after GMT?

Hint 4

The colour order is Green, Yellow, Blue, Red

Hint 5

Green is 9, Yellow is 7, Blue is 5 and Red is 2


The code is 5729