Hamlet is the play the quote is from. In fact, the execution of Mary Queen of Scots was believed to be the inspiration behind Hamlet. A story of a leader who wants to seek revenge and give blame to others rather than take it himself. He will let nothing stand in his way of getting what he wants. With that thought, you realise your time in Elizabethan England is at an end and you make your way back into the time machine. The moment the door closes, the machine starts up and you're off to change the next moment in history. A date flashes on the screen. Tuesday 8th November 2016. What on earth could have happened so recently that could need changing?


The machine goes silent again. You open the door to Washington DC and the day the US voted in the 2016 elections. History Re-written Inc want you to change the presidency of the United States of America!

As you step out of the machine, you here a beep. You turn and see a piece of paper coming out of the console. It's statistics that show votes for close states in the election. You need to find the number of votes you need to rig, to change the election result.