Escape From Home Print and Play games

NEW FOR 2020 - Our print and play game, Locked In. Designed for families and perfect for birthday parties and family gathering. For every game sold, a minimum donation goes to support the Motor Neurone Disease Association. Find out about the fantastic work they do here

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Locked in is the first print and play game from Escape From Home. You've locked yourself in the house and you can't find the keys. Following the series of puzzles and clues, you need to find the keys and escape from home. 


A mixture between an escape and room and a treasure hunt, the game is designed for families to play and would be a perfect game for birthday parties and family gatherings. Designed to be easy on your printer but still fun to play, Locked in comes in three sets, 5 puzzles, 7 puzzles and 9 puzzles. 

Designed for 7+


NEW FOR 2020 - Our print and play game, The Grand Diamond Heist.




Inside the bank is the most precious and valuable jewel in the world, the Grand Diamond. You've been recruited as part of a crack team to break into the bank and steal the diamond without getting caught. Can you do it? 

Designed for age 10+


NEW FOR 2020 - The Zookeeper's Rescue

You are a Zookeeper for your local zoo and having turned up to open up the zoo, disaster has struck. Some of the animals have escaped their enclosures and you only have 1 hour until the zoo needs to open to visitors. Can you collect up the animals and lock them away before time runs out?

Our first print and play game for young children, The Zookeeper's Rescue is fun for all the family.

Designed for age 5+

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NEW FOR 2020 - Darkwood Manor

A new family adventure.

Following the death of Emily, Master Darkwood locked up Darkwood Manor and never returned. You stumble upon the house and realise the ghost of Emily is stuck inside. You must find her and set her free. Can you do it?

Designed for age 8+