The time machine whirrs into action and after a few moments stops and grows silent. You tentatively step outside.

It is the summer of 1914, and Bosnia has just become part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. A handful of young Bosnian-born Serbs hatch a plan to assassinate the heir to the Austrian throne. Their opportunity comes when it is announced that Franz Ferdinand will be making a state visit to the capital, Sarajevo.

Armed with bombs and pistols supplied by Serbian military intelligence, seven conspirators position themselves at intervals along the archduke’s route. The first to strike is Nedeljko Cabrinovic, who lobs a hand grenade toward Franz Ferdinand’s open touring car. But the grenade is an old one, with a 10-second fuse. It bounces off the limo and into the road, where it explodes under the next vehicle in the motorcade. Although several officers in that car are hurt, Franz Ferdinand remains uninjured. To avoid capture and the oncoming crowd, Cabrinovic drains a vial of cyanide and throws himself into a nearby river—but his suicide bid fails. The cyanide is past its sell-by date, and the river is just four inches deep!

The bombing throws the rest of the day’s plans into disarray. The motorcade is abandoned. Franz Ferdinand is hurried off to the town hall. The remaining assassins disperse, their chance apparently gone. One of them, Gavrilo Princip, heads for a sandwich in one of Sarajevo’s smartest shopping destinations, just a few yards from the bustling through road known as Appel Quay.

As Princip queues to buy a sandwich, Franz Ferdinand is leaving the town hall. When the heir gets back into his vehicle, he decides on a change of plan—he’ll call at the hospital to visit the men injured in the grenade blast.

There’s just one problem: the Archduke’s chauffeur, a stranger to Sarajevo, gets lost. He swings off Appel Quay and into crowded Franz Joseph Street and stops right in front of Princip's lunch stop.

Princip looks up from his lunch to find his target sitting just a few feet away. He pulls his gun. Two shots ring out, and the first kills Franz Ferdinand’s wife, Sophie. The second hits Ferdinand in the neck, severing his jugular vein.

The archduke slumps back, mortally wounded. 

Your job is to re-write history, find Princip and stop him from assasinating Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

19,5,1       7,25,1      5,1, 2      9,6,6      3,6,9      12,4,3       2,11,6 

2,5,1         2,5,2 

4,6,2         8,1,2       18,10,5     

3,11,3       10,4,3     2,18,3      5,4,3       14,15,1   4,2,2       5,12,1    3,2,1 

3,15,5        8,7,4       2,8,2        12,15,7   

5,3,2         19,4,1     6,9,1        14,11,2    1,4,4