What We Do



Invite family and friends to your home for sixty minutes of mind-bending puzzles that will challenge you to work together and solve puzzles like never before. You can make it part of your evening or the main event. Enjoy dinner while we get everything ready or hold it as a birthday surprise, it's up to you. This is an experience you’ll never forget and is perfect for anyone aged 9 to 99.  Escape from Home has some great options for kids parties and can be played at home, your village hall, school or community centre. We cater for small and large numbers and have games suitable for young children all the way to teens. Our game, The Egyptian Enigma is perfect as the centre piece or as part of a much bigger event. We also have two other games for teens and above, Missing and Blackbeard's Last Battle.


We can tailor our events to suit your needs. Missing can fit within an office environment and Blackbeard's Last Battle and The Egyptian Enigma would work perfectly in a classroom, after school club, fete, fundraiser, wedding or summer camp. Although designed for families, The Egyptian Enigma would work as a fantastic team building event and, with a quick reset, can be repeated several times a day. 


No matter what your needs, Escape From Home can help make your occasion extra special. Contact us today to discuss your next event.    


Do you want to run an escape room party on your own? Why not use one of our Escape From Home games? Available in our  shop to download immediately 


These packs contain all you need to run an Escape From Home game in your own house. It's a mixture between an escape room and a treasure hunt. Tailor it to suit yourself house and your needs.